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The Column of Trajan in Rome

The Column of Trajan in Rome and the Imperial Forums

The Column of Trajan is a unique monument constructed in 113 AD and it consistsof a 100-foot tall marble column set atop a massive rectangular base. It was topped by a gilded statue of the emperor himself.

Cappella Sistina Roma

Sistine chapel with no waiting line – How to visit it

The Sistine Chapel is certainly one of the best-known artistic treasures in the world. Mainly the Sistine owes its fame to Michelangelo's frescoes that decorate the vault and the apse wall.
Consequently this place represents one of the attractions of Rome most visited by tourists.

Colosseo a Roma - Orari

Colosseum: when I can visit it - Opening time

The majestic Flavian Amphitheatre is on the south of Rome and it is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Every year nearly 7 millions of tourists reach the symbol of the Eternal city. When it is possible to visit it? If you wish to visit the Colosseum, it is important to be informed in advance about the open time, as they can vary accordingly to the period.

The Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon in Rome, an iconic symbol of the Eterna City

The Pantheon is a world-renowned monument located in Rome. This recognizable monument was constructed to be the house of all gods worshiped by ancient romans. This is reflected also in the name of the building, which comes from the Greek and means “all the gods” (pan= all, theos = god). Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa, the Pantheon was further rebuilt by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 126 A.D.

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