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Colosseum: when I can visit it - Opening time

The majestic Flavian Amphitheatre is on the south of Rome and it is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Every year nearly 7 millions of tourists reach the symbol of the Eternal city. When it is possible to visit it? If you wish to visit the Colosseum, it is important to be informed in advance about the open time, as they can vary accordingly to the period.

Which is the opening time of the Colosseum in Rome?

There may be up to three hours of difference in the closing time from winter to summer. Moreover, some parts of the Colosseum can be visited just at some particular entrance time.
In order of a better planning of your visit, you find here the opening time of the Colosseum.

Opening time of the Colosseum – Here’s the time accordingly to the season

The opening times change every month and/or accordingly to the season of the year. In the following list you will find all the opening hours for the current year:

 Month / Period of the year Opening hours 

From 2nd January to 15th February: 08:30 – 16:30 – last admission at 3,30 pm

From 16th February to 15th March: 08:30 – 17:00 – last admission at 4 pm

From 16th to the last Saturday of March: 08:30 – 17:30 – last admission at 4,30 pm

From the last Sunday of March to 31st August: 08:30 – 19:15 – last admission at 6,15 pm

2nd of June: 08:30 to 19:15

From 1st September to 30th September: 08:30 to 19:00 – last admission at 6 pm admission at 5,30 pm

From the last Sunday of October to December 31st: 08:30 – 16:30 – last admission at 3,30 pm

As you can notice, opening hours are different accordingly to the period of the year.
Colosseum opens every day at 08:30 am but if you wish to visit the whole monument you will need to know the closing time.

Book the Colosseum ticket!

Opening hours of the ticket desks at the Colosseum

In any case, more often in winter than in summer, the ticket offices close one hour before the closing time of the Colosseum. The purchase of the ticket won’t be possible from that moment. If you did not book your ticket on Internet, I suggest you to go there early as the waiting lines are always very long.

If you have reserved you tickets for the Colosseum please be aware of the closing time of the ticket office, as when they are closed it won’t be possible to get into the monument even if you have the ticket. Please go at the ticket office in advance so that you will have plenty of time to do the security checks and begin your visit.

Opening times during public holidays

Colosseum is the most favourite monument from tourists in Rome. In order that everyone can visit the splendid amphitheatre, the Colosseum welcomes visitors roughly every day of the year, including public holiday days. Exceptions are two: on the 25th of December and 1st of January. On these two days the monument is close.

Opening times or the special areas of the Colosseum: Hypogeum (underground area) and third level of the Colosseum

The opening times presented before are valid for all the parts of the Colosseum with the exception of the Hypogeum and of the third level of the Colosseum. The Hypogeum is a tunnel system that was once under the arena. This was the place where the gladiators rested, where the animals were kept in cages and where the decors stayed, before they were transported on the arena with an ingenious lift system. The wooden pavement that covered the Hypogeum no longer exists, therefore the tunnel system is already visible after the stairs.

The visit at the Hypogeum and the Third level is possible by reserving a guided tour, for which there are specific times of entry.

The visit requires a supplement to the ticket. It is recommended to book this tour well in advance, as places are limited.

Opening hours and waiting times to get in the Colosseum

For security reasons, the maximum number of people that can be found at the same time inside the Colosseum cannot exceed 3000. In case of heavy turnout, a "bottling" will be created at the entrance of the monument. Access for a new visitor will only be possible when another visitor leaves the perimeter of the building. In general, you have to wait patiently in the waiting lines in front of the cashiers and security porches.

However, the waiting times are very long, but you can stay inside the monument until it closes, on the day of the visit, even on public holidays.

There are two solutions to avoid the waste of time:

1) Buy the simple tickets to bypass the long lines

2) Buy VIP tickets. With these tickets you will enter through a secondary entrance accompanied by a guide. This will allow you to bypass long waiting lines.

If you go to Rome and have not bought tickets in advance, consider two or three hours of waiting during summer season. So check carefully the opening hours (and closing of the cash desks) in order not to remain in front of a closed building.

Best moment to visit the Colosseum

Even if the entrances times are numerous (from 08:30 am to 9:15 pm during Summer) there are always many people. Therefore it is recommended that you plan your visit following our suggestions, so that you will waist no time.

Best moment of the year to visit the Flavian Amphitheater

The best moment to see the Flavian Amphitheater is undoubtedly winter. Although the opening hours are a bit more restricted than in summer, in winter there are fewer tourists in Rome (except December). Don't you want to find yourself in the winter cold in Rome? Don't worry; the temperature is very pleasant all year round in Rome. 15 ° C in December or January.

Best day of the week to see the Colosseum

In order not to waste time, I suggest you to swim against the current doing the opposite than the others people do. Most tourists come to Rome for a weekend, so the turnout is very strong on Saturdays and Sundays. Some people stay an extra day, which makes Rome a bit more crowded even on Mondays and Fridays. The best days of the week to visit the Colosseum are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I think the ideal day is Wednesday morning. At that moment many people are at the Vatican to attend the pope's audiences that always take place that day.

Best moment of the day for a visit

Unfortunately it is impossible in this case to give proper advice, as the turnout often varies throughout the day. Tour operators begin their visits in the morning, so it is not recommended to arrive at that time. I advise you to come very early (before opening) or at the end of the morning, early afternoon, when groups of Japanese tourists leave the Colosseum.

Mind the opening times if you come in winter as Colosseum closes at 4,30 pm.

Security advice for the Colosseum area

Even if the article talks about the opening hours of the Colosseum, I also want to inform you about security: pay attention to your things! In Rome there are pickpockets, obviously very active in the most popular places or where they go unnoticed, and unfortunately the Colosseum is one of these places.
Therefore, do not bring with you in your rucksack very valuable items.
For women: carry the bag in front and keep it closed. The area is targeted by pickpockets able to sneak among tourists distracted by the grandeur of the monument.
For men: do not put the wallet in the back pocket of the trousers, but rather in the front one. Although policemen are present in front of the monument, a large number of thefts are reported every year.