General Info

Which ticket offices are for the whole Colosseum area?

There are three ticket offices: one for the Colosseum, one for the Roman Forum, and one for the Arch of Titus. All entry instructions are printed on the voucher.

How long does it take to visit the Colosseum?

One hour is enough to visit the Colosseum area. If you also want to visit the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill (access to these two sites is included in the Colosseum ticket), consider taking a half day. If you prefer, you can visit these two sites the following day as well. Once inside the Colosseum, you can stay inside until it closes.

How long is the line for visitors without reservations for the Colosseum?

It can depend on the day and the season, but the line for people without reservation is usually hours long.

Can photos or videos be taken inside the Colosseum?

Yes, they may, but only for personal use and without professional cameras. Photos and videos cannot be disseminated for professional use.

Until what age are tickets free of charge for the Colosseum?

From 0 to 18, tickets are free of charge but must be reserved as under-18 tickets. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can we eat inside the Colosseum?

No, you cannot eat inside the Colosseum and there is no café or bar inside.

What can I see with ordinary Colosseum ticket?

With an ordinary, skip-the-line Colosseum ticket, you may visit the first and second tier and the internal corridors. You may not access the underground area, the upper tiers, from the third to the fifth tiers, or the Arena. The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill may be visited with the same ticket.

Does the Colosseum entrance ticket also give access to other areas?

Yes, it also gives access to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

Can I visit the Roman Forum first and then the Colosseum?

If you have a reserved ticket, you must enter the Colosseum, checking in at least 15 minutes before your reserved time. After visiting the Colosseum, you may also visit the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill with the same ticket within the following 48 hours from your entrance to the Colosseum. The other two sites are generally less crowded.


Colosseum Tickets

Does the entrance ticket to the Colosseum include temporary exhibitions?

If there are temporary exhibitions inside the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the ticket you reserved is valid to visit them as well.

Do I need to print the Colosseum voucher?

Reservations with only full adults tickets can be shown on your cell phone without printing it out. For bookings that include reduced or free tickets, the electronic voucher cannot be used. You must print a hard copy of the voucher sent to you by email and show the print-out at the ticket office where documents will be checked for visitors who have reduced or free tickets.

From which entrance should I enter?

You may enter into the monument through the main entrance of the Colosseum through the gate reserved to individual visitors with skip-the-line, reserved tickets. All instructions you need are fully detailed on the voucher/ticket you receive by email. Please read instructions attentively.

Are there discounts for families at the Colosseum?

No, there are not.

Do I pre-pay the Colosseum, skip-the-line tickets?

Yes, the tickets are paid in advance.

Is there a separate entrance for people with reservations at the Colosseum?

Yes, there is an entrance only for visitors with reservation.

What is the Colosseum Open Ticket?

The Colosseum Open Ticket is a solution that allows the visitor to arrive at the Colosseum without a precise scheduled entrance time. This entrance is allowed only in the afternoon, at any time after 2:00 pm. If the Colosseum is completely full at that time, (more than 3,000 visitors inside, which is the Colosseum’s maximum capacity), you will need to wait for some visitors to leave the monument.

Can I access the Underground Area of the Colosseum with the ordinary entrance ticket?

No, you may not. The Underground Area can only be accessed by booking a special guided tour.

Colosseum Ticket Reductions

Do people over 65 years old have any reduced prices to the Colosseum?

No, they must reserve the full price ticket.

Do teachers have reduced prices to the Colosseum?

European Union State teachers can reserve the reduced price tickets. EU University Teachers of Architecture, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Archaeology or Art History can enter reserving a free ticket, the same ticket for those under 18 years old.

Do journalists have free entrance to the Colosseum?

Journalists in the Italian National Register or any other journalist from a foreign country, exclusively for work purposes and showing a valid document proving their professional qualifications, have free entrance if they go directly at the entrance and stand in line. If they wish to avoid the line, they can select the under -8 price ticket on our site.

Date or Time changes for Colosseum Tickets

Once the voucher has been issued, can I change the date and/or time of my visit to the Colosseum?

No. Once the voucher has been issued, it may no longer be modified. This is a museum rule. For this reason, we suggest you pay attention during the reservation procedure and make sure you have chosen the correct date and entrance time. The Open ticket is the only reservation that can be modified up to 24 hours before the date of the visit with no penalty.

May the reservation to the Colosseum be canceled?

The reservation to the Colosseum cannot be canceled. If the ticket is not used, no refund will be given, even if medical certificates are presented.

Luggage & Animals at the Colosseum

Is there luggage storage at the Colosseum?

No, there isn’t.

Can I enter the Colosseum with a stroller?

No, you may not.

Can I enter the Colosseum with my dog?

No, you may not. Only service dogs are allowed. In these cases, we ask you to send an e-mail before you submit an on-line reservation as specific authorization must be asked in advance.

Can I bring liquids inside the Colosseum?

No. For security reasons, you may not enter the Colosseum with plastic or glass bottles, alcoholic beverages, or spray cans.

Disabled People at the Colosseum

Is there an elevator at the Colosseum?

The ground floor of the Colosseum is accessible to disabled visitors and the first floor is accessible by elevators.

Is the Colosseum accessible for visitors in wheelchairs?

Yes. There are special entrances but the entire monument is not accessible. The Roman Forum is partly accessible.

Are there wheelchairs available at the Colosseum?

Two wheelchairs are available at the Colosseum, one for the ground floor and one for the first floor. Their availability cannot be guaranteed, and they cannot be reserved in advance.

Does the person accompanying the disabled person have to pay? Does s/he have to reserve?

Both the disabled person and their accompanying person can go directly to the ticket office with the disability certification and do not need to reserve a skip-the-line ticket.

How to reserve Colosseum Tickets

Can I pay for the tickets I buy online by bank transfer?

Yes, making sure that the date of the visit is not too close, as the bank transfer may take 2/3 days to arrive. Please consider that during high season, Colosseum availability may change frequently and can be sold out in a short time. Your reservation is only processed when the bank transfer has arrived in the agency’s bank account.

If I cannot print the Colosseum voucher, can I get it at my hotel?

Sure. In order to do so, you can write the name of your hotel in Rome in the ‘Note’ field of your on-line reservation form and specify you want to receive a copy of the voucher there. This lets us contact you there for urgent communication or to fax your voucher.

Do I need to make a reservation for a school trip to the Colosseum?

Yes, in this case, you should send an e-mail with all details and requests to our reservation office. The e-mail address is: info@ticketsrome.com.

Colosseum guided Tours

Can I book a guide service at the Colosseum?

Yes, guided tours and tours with private guides can be booked. Please have a look at our guided tour offers here, COLOSSEUM GUIDED TOURS

How much does a guided tour of the Colosseum cost?

Rates depend on the type of the tour you reserve, the duration, and the itinerary.

How much is a tour with a private guide of the Colosseum?

A private tour of the Colosseum for two people in English starts at €240.00. Price may change depending on the season, the language, and the number of the visitors. Special extra charges are added if the tour takes place during the night or on holiday dates. For any other info, we suggest you visit our site www.museumsrome.com or write an email to info@ticketsrome.com.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

Vatican Museums General Info

How much time it takes a visit at the Vatican Museums?

To visit the Vatican Museums it takes at least 3 hours. Once inside the museum you can stay inside until the closing time.

In which times of entry it is possible to visit the Vatican Museums?

Vatican Museums are open from Monday to Saturdays from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm, the last bookable entry is at 3:30 pm.

In which days the Vatican museums are closed?

Vatican Museums are closed every Sundays and for public holiday days.

What happens on the last Sunday of the month at the Vatican Museums?

On the last Sunday of the month the museums are exceptionally open and entrance is free. Visits are possible from 09:00 am to 2pm, last entrance at 12:30.

Is there a Dress code for the Vatican Museums?

To visit the Vatican Museums it is necessary to be properly dressed. For this reason, sleeveless, low-cut clothing, shorts, miniskirts and hats are not allowed.

How long do I have to wait if I do not have the reservation?

The line for the entrance at the Vatican Museums is usually very long. We are not able to know precisely the waiting time, it may depends on the days and the period.

Is it possible to take photos and/or videos inside the Vatican Museums?

In the exhibition halls it is possible to take photos and/or videos without flash. Non- authorized professional equipment are not allowed and must be authorized from the museums.

Is it possible to take photos and/or videos inside the Sistine Chapel?

Inside the Sistine Chapel it is strictly forbidden to take photos and / or videos with or without flash.

Is it possible to talk inside the Sistine Chapel?

Inside the Sistine Chapel it is not possible to talk, official guides also do not have the permission to give explanations inside.

It is possible to eat inside the Vatican Museums?

Inside the exhibition halls it is not possible to eat. Along the museum path you can find many vending machines and refreshment points, snack bars, restaurants, a pizzeria and a self-service.

Is the Sistine Chapel included in the entry ticket?

Yes, in the simple entrance tickets for the Vatican Museums the Sistine Chapel is included.

Tickets for the Vatican Museums

Do I have to print the voucher for the Vatican Museums?

For the no-line entrance at the Vatican Museums it is possible to show the voucher from the mobile phone.

Do families visiting the Vatican Museums have any reductions?

No, there are no reductions for families.

Do I have to pre- pay the ticket to jump the line at the Vatican Museums?

Yes, the ticket must be paid in advance.

Is there an access for people with reservation at the entrance?

Yes, there is a reserved access for visitors with reservation, restricted by barriers and marked by a sign.

Reductions for the Vatican Museums

Are People older than 65 entitled to discounts or free tickets?

Visitors older than 65 years old need to pay the full ticket.

Are teachers entitled to any reductions for the Vatican Museums?

No, they do not have any reductions; they need to buy the full price ticket.

Are journalists entitled to gratuity?

Yes, they gain free ticket at the entrance if they present the journalist press pass. However, if they wish to jump the line they need to pay the full ticket, as the free entrance is considered only without reservation.

Are students entitled to any reduction for the Vatican Museums?

International students not older than 25 years old are entitled to a reduced ticket.

Which ticket do I have to purchase if I am under 18 years old?

Children under years old do not need any ticket and they are free. Visitors from 6 to 18 years old must book the reduced tickets.

How to reserve

Can I pay the tickets of the Vatican Museums with bank transfer?

Yes, when the date of the visit is not too near. The bank transfer takes 2 or 3 days to be effective and during the high season the availability of the museum may change rapidly. The order will be worked just when the amount of the bank transfer will reach the bank account.

How does it work reservation for schools?

Schools willing to reserve entrances for the Vatican Museum should contact directly the Vatican Museums.

Once that I did the order, how should I expect the tickets to arrive?

The ticket is sent per e-mail and can be shown directly from the mobile phone. The bar code on the voucher must be visible.

Can I reserve the ticket on line and pay it at the museum?

No, the ticket must be paid when reserved.

Changes and cancellation of the reservation

Once that I received the voucher it is possible to modify the date or the time?

Yes, it is allowed to do just one modification at the date or the time with a forewarning of 48 hours at least. The modification is subordinated to the availability of the places.

It is possible to cancel the reservation at the Vatican Museums?

Once that the voucher is emitted it is no longer possible to cancel the reservation.

How can I require a modification at my reservation?

To require a modification for the ticket or the tour it is necessary to send an e-mail to info@ticketsrome.com in the due time specified on the voucher.

Can I change the type of the reservation?

No, if you reserved a ticket you will be able to modify just the date or/and the time. It is not possible to modify the type of the ticket from full to reduced nor it is possible to change the activity reserved, for example from ticket to guided tour. In this case it will be required to do a new reservation and the first one won’t be refunded.

Evening openings at the Vatican Museums

It is possible to visit the Vatican Museums in the evening?

Yes, from April to October there are evening openings every Fridays.

How much does the evening ticket cost?

The ticket has the same cost of the ordinary ticket that permit the entrance during the day.

It is possible to visit the Vatican Museums during the evening with a guide?

Yes, by reserving a tour with a private guide.

What it is possible to see during the evening openings at the Vatican Museums?

All the halls opened by the administration and the Sistine Chapel.

Luggage and cloakroom

It is possible to bring luggage, bags or backpacks inside the museum?

It is not possible to bring inside the Vatican Museums luggage that the museum does not consider proper. You can deposit your personal objects by the cloakroom, which is free for the visitors of the Vatican Museums.

When is it the cloakroom?

Ground floor, in front of the ticket offices.

How much is the cost for the cloakroom?

The service is free.


It is possible to bring pets inside the Vatican Museum?

It is not possible to bring any pets inside the Vatican Museum. The only exception is for guide dogs for blind people with certificate attesting support for therapeutic treatments.

Visitors with disability

How does it work the entrance for people with disability?

All visitors with certified disability superior to 74% can go directly at the tickets office with the disability certification and have free access.

Does the person accompanying the disable people have to pay at the Vatican Museums?

The people accompanying has free entrance just if the disable person is certifies as non self-sufficient.

Are there wheelchairs available at the museums?

Yes, it is possible to rent wheelchairs for free while stocks last.

Guided tour at the Vatican Museums

It is possible to have a guided tour for the Vatican Museums?

Yes, it is possible to reserve guided tours or private tours. All our proposals are on line on our site. For special requests or large groups you can send an e-mail to info@ticketsrome.com or call us at the +39 055 2670402.

How much does a guided tour at the Vatican Museums cost?

Fares may vary, on our site they are in any case updated. The cost of the guided tour varies belonging to the type and duration of the tour.

How much does a private tour at the Vatican Museums cost?

A tour in English with private guide of the Vatican Museums for two persons has a cost that starts from € 290.00 on. Rates are subject to variations based on seasonality, language and number of people. The price varies according to the number of participants, the language in which the tour takes place, if it takes place in holyday days or during the evening and to the duration. For any other information, please visit our website or call us at +39 055 2670402.

The Sistine Chapel

How can I visit the Sistine Chapel?

The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums. You can visit it by purchasing the ticket for the Vatican Museums.

Can I visit just the Sistine Chapel?

Once inside the Vatican Museums, you can go directly to the Sistine Chapel by following the signs "Sistine Chapel - short path" which are situated along all the rooms.

Is there a ticket just for the Sistine Chapel?

No, the ticket is the same for the Vatican Museum.

Can I book a tour just for the Sistine Chapel?

Yes, it is possible to book a tour with a private guide that will focus just on the Sistine Chapel. In this case it is a special tour that it is necessary to require per e-mail to info@ticketsrome.com

Vatican Gardens

How can I visit the Vatican Gardens?

The Vatican Gardens can be visited with a tour by bus or a walking tour.

Is there a ticket for the Vatican Gardens?

There is a ticket that permits the visit at the Vatican Gardens.

Which kind of tour can I do at the Vatican Gardens?

It is possible to book a tour with ecological bus with multilingual Audio Guide, a group tour with a guide or a visit with private guide.

Where is the entrance for the Vatican Museums?

If you have the reservation for the Vatican Museum, it is necessary to entry from Viale Vaticano from the main entry of the Vatican Museum.

What is included in the tour of the Vatican Garden?

All the tours of the Vatican Garden include also the ticket to see the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, which can be visited once that the visit at the Garden is finished.