Palazzo Altemps in Rome

Palazzo Altemps in Rome and the National Roman Museum

Palazzo Altemps in Rome, a treasure chest in the heart of the Eternal City.
Palazzo Altemps in Rome is a Renaissance palace, located in the center of Rome, a few steps from Piazza Navona and the fascinating Pantheon.

The splendid Roman palace is today one of the headquarters of the National Roman Museum. The National Roman Museum is actually made up of 4 different locations, Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Crypta Balbi and the Baths of Diocletian.

The ticket to visit the National Roman Museum can be purchased and booked as a cumulative ticket for the 4 locations or separatly location by location. The so-called integrated ticket for the National Roman Museum entitles you to only one access to each of the 4 locations.

 If you plan to visit all the museum sites, think about organizing your visit well. In fact, while Palazzo Massimo alle Terme and the Baths of Diocletian are located 3 minutes walk from each other, in the Termini Station area, Palazzo Altemps is located in a whole other area of Rome. The cumulative ticket, however, has a duration of 3 days, so you will have time to dilute the visits on different days.
The ticket for the National Roman Museum is a daily open ticket with no pre-booked time entrance. The museum is open from 9.00 to 19.30. You will therefore have great flexibility. A word of advice, be careful not to lose the ticket, otherwise you will have to pay it again.

Palazzo Altemps in Rome, a Renaissance treasure trove of ancient sculptures

Of the 4 locations, the one that most impressed me is undoubtedly Palazzo Altemps. Beautiful, elegant and imposing, this is how this building appears to the visitor's eye. From the outside, you cannot imagine the magnificence of this place, a true must-see. Walking through Rome, in fact, you are often struck by the large squares, the Baroque fountains, the huge basilicas. Here, at Palazzo Altemps, you have to come on purpose, knowing that it exists and that it is a marvel for those who visit it.

Loggiato Palazzo Altemps

The courtyard of Palazzo Altemps, a refined open-air museum

The entrance to the palace is apparently very similar to other large Roman palaces. Once inside, however, we find ourselves in a large internal courtyard. On the first floor, an elegant porch runs through the internal facades of the building. What is most striking is the harmony and elegance of this courtyard richly decorated with Roman statues and the altana finely decorated with bas-reliefs. But the most striking part of the exterior of the building is the frescoed loggia. Going up to the first floor, I immediately rushed to see what it was up close. In fact, in the courtyard, looking up, my eyes had been drawn to this unusual porch. The open and frescoed loggia is truly magnificent, it almost seems to enter a Renaissance hall. The large arches that overlook the courtyard without glass illuminate it by day, amplifying the chromatic effects of the sixteenth-century frescoes that decorate the vaults and walls. Along this gallery-terrace, a magnificent sequence of ancient busts punctuate the colonnade.

What to see at Palazzo Altemps

Already walking in the inner courtyard, the vocation of the building immediately emerges, thought up from its construction as a treasure chest of art treasures. Among the most important collections exhibited at Palazzo Altemps, the Boncompagni Ludovisi collection. The halls of the building intended for the exhibition are to be admired as the sculptural works on display. The coffered ceilings of some halls are truly beautiful, with highly elegant Renaissance decorations and frescoes.
On the ground floor, next to the ticket office, there is a small bookshop, where you can find different catalogs in various languages regarding the Palazzo Altemps collections.
An unmissable stop for lovers of the Renaissance and ancient statuary!

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